Canary causes an CORS issue


So i have a Quasar app using Adonis as a API and when i activate the Canary Deploy hook i get an dummy url that raises an CORS issue on the API.

Found out i had to disable the Canary hook and then re deploy to get rid of the issue.

This is not a problem for me as i can very quickly rollback if an deployment crashes the site.

Just wanted to tell you about this.

Thank you.

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Thanks for letting us know. Canary uses a different url and origin so you’d have to whitelist it on the server side (may not be possible in some cases)

I’m curious, how is the CORS working for you with the regular domain? Have you whitelisted it or are they on the same domain?

It seems that Adonis won’t throw any CORS issue as long as the domain is the same.

I use and so i guess this is why it works.