Build in backup solution

Hi guys,

Maybe I’m behind in all new features but I just wonder if I can achieve this kind of backup directly in Cleavr?

All my codes are protected in GitHub but what I want to secure is my customers changes in the DB and all files they upload.

I know we have had this discussion before but I would gladly pay extra to be able to have this functionality in Cleavr.

Trying to read more about Backups i get a broken link:

The link is working fine if i click on Add new backup profile but what i can see its just a raw copying to some space and sure this will protect my customers uploaded files but the abillity to backup the DB with all rollback functionality would be really nice.

Have a nice day.

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Hello @peterc,

Thanks and we plan to enhance our backups feature but not sure when we’ll start approaching it. Right now we’ve other things on top priorities but we’ll surely go for it soon.

We’ll get it fixed. Sorry for the inconvenienece.

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In the meantime, here are some useful links about Cleavr backups:

@peterc - Can you let us know what in particular you are looking for with backups? We have the functionality to take database and filesystem backups and to schedule them to occur on defined intervals. They can be backed up locally on the server, on another server via SFTP, or on providers like DO storage, AWS S3, Wasabi, Backblaze.

Can you also let us know what these buttons might do? CleanShot 2022-02-10 at 13.17.54
I’m thinking the second button is to edit schedule, 4th one to download the backup to local device, trash can to delete, but I’m unsure of what the others might do. :slight_smile:


@amiedema , you got a PM from me :slight_smile: