BUG: Renaming "Custom Server" in Connection Profiles

Hi, when renaming “Custom Server” in Connection Profiles → VPS. It is not possible to add servers to that renamed “Custom Server” connection profile. The only thing possible is to create a new “Custom Server” in the add Server interface.

Renamed “Custom Server” in Connection Profiles → VPS

Error when attempting to add another custom server to the renamed “Custom Server” connection Profile

What works, is to add it to the default “Custom Server” section.

I really love the idea to be able to kind of group “Custom Servers” by being able to group them and rename the “Custom Servers” but I would also like to be able to add new Servers to the renamed “Custom Servers”. :smiley:

After adding a server to “Custom Server” it gets added to “Custom Server renamed”.

Great catch!

The bug is that you shouldn’t be able to edit a VPS Profile for ‘Custom Servers’. We’ll get that fixed.

This will still present an issue with the desire to change the custom server label. Would adding a tag to the server satisfy this? You can add tags in server > server info section.

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Hi, the tagging works fine as well. But now after doing the renaming I currently have 2 entries of “Custom Server” in the add server overview. Changing the name back haven’t removed the entry. I hope the fix will change this back to one entry as well, or does this need a manual check?

I’ll take a look at that. It may likely be something we need to do on the back end to sort it out.

Ok - should be all good now. :+1:


Works fine, thanks for the fast fix. You guys are amazing!