BUG: MariaDB shows MySQL config files

Hi everybody,

When right-clicking the MariaDB service, the dropdown menu is showing configs for MySQL.

When clicking the config files, this error message shows up:
An error occurred while fetching nginx config.

I think this ain’t the expected behaviour, so I report this as a bug
Beyond that, the remove option is grayed out. Please add the functionality to remove the MariaDB server as well. :v:

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Yup! that is indeed the wrong location for the maria db config file. :bug:

I’ve created a ticket and will stomp it soon enough. :hiking_boot:

Thanks for reporting it!

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Hello @Jeazyee,

We’ve released a fix which we expect will resolve the issue.

Please give it a try and let us know whether it works for you or not.

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@anish Thanks, it is working now as expected :+1:

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