Backup to Hetzner

Hi guys,

I now use DO Spaces for backups but since starting using Hetzner for VPS i would like to use Hetzner for backups as well.

Is this possible?

Thank you.

Yes, but you’d have to use SFTP.


So i just create a Volume in Hetzner and how do i allow access or will it work anyway?

Oh,I was thinking you have a Hetzner server where you want to back up. Is that what you want or do Hetzner has something like DO Spaces?

Well i want to use an Hetzner version of DO Spaces and i thought that Hetzner Volumes was that but i might got it wrong?

Aha, this might work?

I think it is different. Volume in Hetzner is what you might use to expand your server’s storage so it needs to be attached to a server. You might be better off just spinning a cheap server dedicated only for backups and using it for backing up your data. You can also use it to backup from multiple servers.

Won’t this do it ?

Ah! That might do it! They have SFTP access too so perfect. Give it a try and please let us know if it works for you or not.

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I’m sorry but i’m not that skilled with SSH keys and stuff.

I can’t figure out how to generate the key needed in Cleavr for Hetzner box.

I guess i have to ssh into the box and then create a create a key there that i can put in Cleavr but i can’t access box via ssh.

In DO Space i could just click generate key and copy it into Cleavr but i can’t find any generate key in my Hetzner Storage Box GUI

Any idea?

For setting up SFTP profile, there are some instructions here which also covers how you can generate SSH keys to use.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you.

Still not able to ssh into my Hetzner box so i can’t generate the key there.

Great article but i need specific step by step on how to use Hetzner Storage Box for backup in Cleavr.

Im sorry.

Doesn’t Hetzner give you a ssh key? If they say, they support SFTP, they might give you a key pair. All you need is the private key. You can generate the key pair from any computer, doesn’t have to be your storage box.

They have a step by step instructions here:

Looks like they support username and password initially but you can use it to copy your key to the storage box. In the instructions they cover how to do that as well.

Doesn’t Hetzner give you a ssh key?

Not that i can find and this is my problem.

I get an SSH key but this is in the Cloud service for the VPS and i think i need Ă  separate key for the storlage box