Backup the whole server image at Hetzner [SOLVED]

Hi guys,

My DB’s and uploaded files i have a backup solution for and the code is backed up on github.

In my local development i use VM’s and i take regular manual backup copies of them like before i need to do some stuff in the teminal and if i break the server i just shut down my VM and replace the image file and spin it up again.

At Hetzner i can do just this per server but is this recommended since Cleavr is supose to do everything on Hetzner?

Maybe this is a stupid thought but locally has this saved me a lot of time just restoring the whole server image rather than trying to figure out what i did that broke it and then try to fix it.

Have a nice day

Hi @peterc, good question!

Cleavr doesn’t necessary do everything that a VPS provider offers via their app, we mainly focus on what’s needed to support and deploy web apps.

There’d be no issues I can think of doing full server backups via Hetzner. You could do something similar with Cleavr backups, but we intended the backup solution in Cleavr to also be more app file-system and database specific over full server copies.

The answer i the other post about making updates to the server from Cleavr makes me feel more safe and i would prefere not to mess in ssh.

But let’s say i restore a complete server image after let’s say installing something that can’t be installed from package.json or Cleavr Services.

Do i risk breaking any Cleavr related stuff?

There’s always the possibility - but if it’s a full restore, the IP is the same, and the SSH key Cleavr uses is still present, then should be fine.

The main thing I can think of would be if there are discrepancies between the server image and Cleavr - such as if a service, site, web app, backups, etc that was added to Cleavr but the restored version doesn’t have the resource installed, in that case Cleavr might show something that’s not actually on the restored version of the server.

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I will use my dev Hetzner if it comes a day when i have no choice but to ssh into server and mess around.

On production servers i will stay away from ssh and lean on Cleavr that i trust more than my self :slight_smile:

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I do this Hetzner server backups all the time. Used the server backup ones at a moment that some upgrade doesn’t worked well. If you do right wait until a server backup is done and start than your changes on the server :wink:

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