Backup restore or transfer

Hi guys cleaver has been saving me a lot of time, and i’m loving the new updates.

Let’s say that i made a bkp and want to restore? is there a way to make so i can import it on a new server? or just transfer the site to the new server?

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Hi @willmkt!

Funny enough, Ashok and I were just talking about site transfers / clone as a possible candidate to work on in this last quarter of the year. :grin:

For backup restore - that’s likely something we’ll look at next year as it’s quite a bit more tricky to really get right. You can also always do restores manually.

Are you more concerned with database restores or file system?

Hey Adam, site transfer would be a great already!

Backup restore isn’t a priority, just transfer is nice and database restore is easy.

One more thing when deleting a site it would be nice to ask if want to delete the database and user.

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