Auto delete old deployments

How do I set the number of deployments maintained? Often, I get an error of storage space full since all deployments stay backed up. I want to save time on deleting the deployments manually.

Cleavr keeps the last 5 or so deployments. We have a story in our backlog to make it configurable. I’ll look into moving this up.

Thank you for considering for increasing the priority! Alternatively, selecting multiple and deleting would also be useful. I’ve been using NextJS and Adonis deployments and the stack keeps increasing. I’ve to manually delete one at a time. This might be a quick fix over configuring the number of deployments.

hi @shrikantshet

I have separated all files that my customer uploads like document, images and movies from the plain code files. I use symlinks to the “upload” folder so i doesn’t get redeployed and take up space.

Maybe this wont help you but i thought i should tell you.

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