Assign dedicated IP for site/app?

Is there a way I can assign a dedicated IP for a site/web app?

I’d like to use 1 server for a selection of apps, but some of them I’d like to use their own dedicated IP address - I can create the server with them but it appears there’s no way to select which IP the site should use when creating it?

Hello @dandomains,

First of all welcome to Cleavr.

If I’m understanding your question properly, that is how sites are created in Cleavr. In order to create a site you need to go to Server > Site > Add Site. The site will be created under the server you just selected.

If I misunderstood your question please let me know.

Let me try to rephrase the question:

So I have setup a VPS with 5 IPv4 (,,…) and 5 IPv6 addresses assigned to it, then added it to Cleavr as an app server.

Now I’d like it so the ‘shared’ IP used for apps is, so by default sites will use that as normal.

But I want a specific Site/App “X.COM” to use its own IP of for IPv4 and it’s own IPv6 address as well - no other app on the server would be configured to be served from that IP address.

Another app “Y.COM” might use etc.

But these would all be on the same VPS which has multiple IPs available.

Hopefully what I’m looking to achieve is a little clearer?