Anybody has installed Glitchtip using Cleavr?

Hey folks I want to install Glitchtip on Cleavr and want to know from other people’s experience what server size did they provision, were there any kinks involved installed it from docker, etc.

Hello @shash,

First of all, welcome to Cleavr forum.

From GlitchTip documentation, the recommended system requirements are 1GB RAM, x86 or arm64 CPU.

You can also get idea about disk size from the their documentation.

I’ve not tried GlitchTip but will give it a try some other time. We’ll also appreciate if you can share your findings/learnings on installling GlitchTip in a server with Cleavr.


Hey I already installed Glitchtip on ec2 directly but my server would go down despite the recommended installation size.

Was wondering if other people had that issue here.