An temporary VSCode ssh devserver

Hi guys,

I use an local server with VM’s for remote development with great result.

Now i’m rebuilding the server and need a temporary devserver. My initial though was to set up an DO or Hertzner and comfigure node, PG manually.

But then it accoured to me. Maybe i can use Cleavr to do this. I will not do any deploymendts or add any apps/sites. Just create the VM, add node and PG, get ssh access and then start remote coding.

Is this a okay solution or will i get problem for not using the server the correct “Cleavr way”?

Have a great day

Some progress reporting:

I have set up the dev server in Cleavr and can ssh connect VSCode and start the dev task but trying to access dev app with is a no go.

Any ideas?

Thank you

Hello @peterc,

You can make use of Generic Port App app type and expose the port running on your dev server. Expose Local Sites - Cleavr docs

This way you can access the port running on your dev server from your local machine.

I hope that helps.

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