Hey! All new deployments from Adonis got the same error… Cleavr needs to add a missing value on default .env. DRIVE_DISK=local

Migrate Database 20221026100650271
Preparing to migrate the database


 E_MISSING_ENV_VALUE: Missing environment variable "DRIVE_DISK"
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Thanks for sharing the error!

We’ll look at adding that to the default env variables Cleavr generates.

In the mean time, and for apps created before we make the change, you can add variable to web app > Environment section in Cleavr. You’d then need to redeploy for the change to take effect.

Yes, I’ve changed it on the web app. Plus I notice that some DB envs are wrong too. Now Adonis is using MYSQL_HOST, MYSQL_DB_NAME and not DB_HOST, DB_NAME etc… the prefix DB didn’t work for me!