Adonis Migrations Don't drop the table

Hey, I have an install with Adonis, but the command node ace migration:fresh doesn’t drop and create a new table. Maybe it’s a problem with the permissions of MYSQL User?

My migration is this:

import BaseSchema from '@ioc:Adonis/Lucid/Schema'

export default class Car extends BaseSchema {
  protected tableName = 'cars'

  public async up() {
    this.schema.createTable(this.tableName, (table) => {
      table.timestamp('created_at', { useTz: true }).notNullable().defaultTo(
      table.timestamp('updated_at', { useTz: true }).notNullable().defaultTo(

  public async down() {

I’m not quite sure what the expectation is via the Adonis documentation tbh Schema migrations

There may be more info about this on the Adonis discord / forum.

This is weird because on my localhost the tables are dropped on node ace migration:fresh but not on Cleavr. But @amiedema tks!

Hey @amiedema do you know how I can access MYSQL on Oracle cloud? Do I need SSH or can I with any MySQL GUI Tool?

It does sound like it could be a permission issue in this case. You can access MySQL directly via the server’s command terminal. You can SSH into the, Access Server Via SSH - Cleavr docs, and then access MySQL

If you do modify permissions, we recommend reversing after completing the operations for security reasons.

Is there a terminal inside Clearv panel? I didn’t find it…