Adding Alias Domains with Individual SSL


We’re in a SaaS where we need to connect huge number of whitelabel domains to the product. We’ll be adding like 5-10 alias domains every month. And we need to generate Individual SSL for privacy reasons + Letsencrypt SSL generation limit.

Is it possible with Cleavr? Thanks.

Hello Saurabh,

If I understand your question properly, you want to create and activate SSL for each domains of yours? If so, then yes, it is already possible to generate separate SSL for each domains in Cleavr.

Select your site in Cleavr and if you are using your own domain you should see a SSL Certificates page from where you can manage your SSL certs.

Please let me know if that’s what you needed or something else and I will be more than delighted to help you further.

Hey man, thanks for the answer. Seems some confusion here.

We have one site A.

We want to add B, C, D in the same site - addon or alias domain. So, they all point to same website.

But, we need individual SSL. As far I can see, currently we’re getting combined SSL with all the domains in single SSL.

The problem with that is, if I need to after that, I need to regenerate the SSL for whole website, instead of only E

So, if I’m adding 10 addon domains a week in the same site, Letsencrypt will block us due to rate-limits.

Also whenever someone checks SSL of E, they can see all other domains in the SSL certificate - which is not good for our business ( As it’ll reveal our clients ). We need to have individual SSL for each alias domain, instead of shared SSL.

Hope I’m clear enough :slight_smile:

Would CNAMEs work for what you are trying to accomplish?

One other thing I can think of, are you using different domains or are you using same domain with different A records? Adding a CloudFlare wildcard cert might work if using different subdomains.

Otherwise yea, I don’t know of a way around it with using LetsEncrypt.

Thanks for the help, but those all are different domains so Wildcard stuff will not work here.

Maybe better luck next time. Thank you & Happy New Year.