502 Bad Gateway after rolling back strapi4 deployment


I rolled back a strapi v4 deployment and now I get an 502 error. Also after a new deployment.
I restartet Fail2Ban and nginx.
Where can I find what’s going wrong?

Regards Roman

Hello @romanw,

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Could you please send me the email address associated with your Cleavr account and the deployment workflow name via private message?

Hello @romanw,

We have identified a problem with Strapi site rollback and have taken steps to correct the issue on your site. Please test the fix and let us know if it is working as expected. We are also working on a more permanent solution that will be applied to all Strapi sites in the near future.

We are available to answer any additional questions or concerns you may have. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

Strapi is back working. Thank you!
Best regards Roman