404 Nuxt SSR error

I’ve just signed up to cleavr and I seem to be having problems deploying my ssr app.
I’ve provisioned a server (NodeJS), then a site, then configured an app (with github actions).

I can see the deployment process is successful, but if I go to my public IP I get a 404 not found error.
It seems as though the “npm start” command has not been run?

My nuxt config target mode is set to “server”

Any ideas?

Hi @simonh,

Welcome to the Cleavr forum!

I noticed one of your deployments earlier had an associated domain that didn’t seem to have the DNS record pointing to the server’s public IP.

https://dnschecker.org/ is a good resource to use to see if the domain is pointing to the correct IP. Let me know if you create and deploy the site again and I’d be happy to take a closer look if you’re still getting a 404.

Fyi - I managed to resolve this by ensuring the DNS was correctly pointing to the right IP

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