400 error on deploy - Look here for Bitbucket deployment issues

I am getting a error on deployment

Error deploying the web app. Response code 400 (Bad Request)

I did lots of deployment today, and now getting this error.

Hey @willmkt,

It looks like we’re having issues with Bitbucket profiles after the migration unfortunately… :disappointed:

We’re looking into fixing an issue with Reauthenticating Bitbucket profiles. In the mean time, you can create a new VC profile and edit the settings of the app to use the new profile, and then redeploy.

I’m sorry for this inconvenience!

Hi @amiedema,

I created another profile and it worked fine,


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Awesome - thanks for letting me know!

Just a side note for others who may run across the same issue after the transition from Cleavr 1.0 to 2.0 - we’ve looked into the issue multiple times (had multiple devs look at it) but honestly, everything looks correct so we are at a bit of a loss…

We’ll need to continue to suggest creating a new Bitbucket profile for the time being.

Hey @amiedema, the problem is back!

Now every time i have to reauthenticate the profile, so them i can make the deploy.


We haven’t made any related changes lately… We’ll do some more testing and dig into it more.

ok, thanks for the feedback

Hi @amiedema,

Just realized that the problem is on the push to deploy, everytime i deploy it gives a error.

If i go on the dashboard and deploy it works.

Thanks for the additional info!

I’ll see if I can repro this on my side but I may need to PM you if I’m unable to.

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:pensive: I can’t seem to repro this unfortunately…

Where do you see the error? Is it on one of the deployment steps in Cleavr? Does it show in Bitbucket?

If i activate push to deploy and commit a change, the deploy will fail

Just checked the logs, it fails to authenticate on bitbucket

remote: Invalid username or password
fatal: Authentication failed for ‘https://bitbucket.org/Fletor/fletor/

We’ve pushed out a fix that hopefully resolves issues with Bitbucket VC profiles not working as expected.

This fix does require that you create a brand new Bitbucket VC Profile in connection profiles > VC profiles.

After you add the new Bitbucket VC profile, go to the web apps that are associated to the old vc profile and then update them to the new one and fill out the repo / branch-to-deploy info.

We hope this resolves the issue!

We apologize for the inconvenience!

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