CPU Usage has spiked and stayed not apps will not build


The CPU usage at 10AM yesterday went from 0% to a stuck 57%, this happened when I pushed a version of Directus to the server at 10:15AM.

I’ve noticed the uptime is also stuck at 00:00. Now the server is stuck on generating app:

The client is wanting to go live with their website today so this is causing some stress.

Hello @Tom,

This might be mainly due to MySQL logs if MySQL is installed. We will have a quick look at your server and get back to you.

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Interesting, why would MySQL logs take up CPU usage? Regardless I’m using PostgresSQL 14.

My bad.

I was working on something similar so considered CPU to disk space.

We’ll look into it to see if we can find anything and get back to you.

In the mean time, can you try rebooting your server?

Rebooting my server took it back to 0%. Strange issue.

It is however, still stuck on generating app:

It started doing this after adding the following into Astro:

buildOptions: {
		sitemap: true,
		site: 'https://polinations.com/',

I’ll check if removing that allows it to build again.

Hello @Tom,

I’m glad that you were able to figure this out and the CPU usage has dropped.

Sure. Let us know if we could be of any help.

Actually @anish,

It bounced right back up after restart. Also you didn’t response to the fact that the Astro site would get stuck on “Generating App” when applying buildOptions which important for SEO.


We’re already looking into it, @Tom. :wink: I will keep you updated if we find anything.

CPU still running like crazy even after reboot also:

PM2 Logs:

The CMS isn’t loading after renaming the website either.


Respectfully, the last thing I want is the website to launch and be down.

Further discussion can be found in: Site is active but not running after name change - #11 by anish

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